Wesley is one of Michael Myers' bullies from school. After insulting him in front of his friend, Wesley gets a detention. After walking home from school, he is beaten to death, being the first victim of Michael Myers in the remakes.

Bullying Michael DialogueEdit

Michael is urinating. Wesley and friend walk in.

Wesley (to friend)---"What a fucking pussy, dude!"

Points to friend, and silences him.

Wesley---"I told you he wouldn't fight! Man, he's all fucking talk! He was like---You were there, right? He was like, "Oh, I'm not gonna fight you!".

Wesley punches the air.


Wesley kicks garbage can. Michael leaves stall.

Wesley's Friend---"I know where he lives. You wanna egg his house?"
Wesley---"We can totally do that..."

Wesley notices Michael.

Wesley---"Hey, shitpants! Hey, what's goin' on? I heard your sister got caught selling blowjobs in the bathrooms."

Wesley's friend laughs.

Wesley---"I heard they had to pump the cum out of her stomach."

Wesley's friend makes squishing noise, as he squeezes the air.

Wesley---"Hey, Mikey, how's your mom doin'? You know, my old man says that for a buck she'd rub her tits on his face.

Michael---"Shut up"

Wesley's Friend---"Fuck you say, faggot?"
Wesley---Ah....Mikey's upset".

Wesley's friend aggrees. Wesley takes out an advertisement for Michael's mom's strip club from his pocket.

Wesley---"Hey, ball-licker. Check this out. I was thinking of making copies of Mommy for the whole school".

Michael---"Fuck you..."

Wesley slaps Michael across the face.

Wesley---Hey, tough guy! Think she'd let me suck her tits for a quarter and let me suck her tits?"

Michael throws Wesley against the wall.

Michael---"SHUT UP! SHUT UP!"

Wesley---"I'm gonna fuck you, you bitch!"

Principal walks down hall and hears the yelling and fighting.

Wesley's Friend---"FUCK OFF!"

Principal enters.

Principal---"What the hell is going on in here? Break it up! I said break it up! You over there, you there, and you there!"

Wesley's friend points to Michael.

Wesley's Friend---"He started it"

Principal---"SHUT UP!"

Michael---"Fuck you!"

Principal---"What did you say, sonny?"


Principal---"Fuck me?"

Principal pulls Michael away by the hair.

Michael---"MY BAG!"

Principal---"GRAB IT!"