The Last Halloween (The Death of Michael Myers) is a fan-made video created by Chris .R. Notarile. It depicts Michael Myers being killed from the evil within him, just as Dr. Loomis predicted in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers.

Michael is walking through a graffiti-filled tunnel. He is 60 years old (so logically the year is 2017, and set 22 years after Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers), and has killed every member of his family. He hears a voice speaking to him, telling him his time is up, and Michael eventually falls to the ground dead, killed from the very evil who made him who he is. A man wearing a mask walks up to Michael's body.

The voice, which was intended to represent Michael's conscience and sound like Dr. Loomis, is provided by Tom Kane, as he was the actor who voiced Dr. Loomis in H20. This makes The Last Halloween about as credible and notable as a fan video can be.

The reason behind the creation of this video is because, in the films of both timelines, Michael has never officially been killed off. He clearly survives the end of Halloween, Halloween 5, and Halloween: Resurrection, and his deaths in Halloween II, Halloween 4, and H20 are retconned, and the ending of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers implies that he survives, but nevertheless leaves his ultimate fate unknown and up to speculation. The creator of The Last Halloween was unable to get involved in the remake series, so he decided to make a definite ending for the old series and kill off Michael Myers.

Cast Edit

Tony Dadika as Michael Myers

Tom Kane as the voice that represents Michael's conscience

Chris R. Notarile as the unnamed man