Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers is a 1989 film directed by Dominique Othenin-Girard. It is the sequel to Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.

Plot Edit

Michael Myers is shot by Sheriff Ben Meeker and his troops, and falls down an abandoned mine shaft. One of the troopers throws some dynamite down the shaft, but Michael escapes the explosion into the river, where he eventually ends up at the house of a hermit.

A year later, Jamie is at a children's clinic and has not spoken since she attacked her foster mother. There is a telepathic link between Jamie and Michael; she has some sort of reaction whenever he kills someone, as evidenced when Michael wakes up and kills the hermit. Dr. Loomis wants Jamie to use this connection to help him stop Michael.

Michael stalks Rachel Carruthers and her friend Tina, and kills them both, along with two cops and several others. Jamie agrees to help Dr. Loomis, and they go to the Myers house with several cops to back them up. Michael kills most of the officers and repeatedly attempts to kill Jamie, though at one point she calls him "Uncle" and he pauses and takes off his mask so she can see his face, but eventually regains his rage and tries to kill her again. Loomis tells Michael to take Jamie, but he is just using her as bait to lure Michael into a trap. He catches him in a net and beats him senseless with a wooden plank.

Michael is put in a cell where Sheriff Meeker plans to have him placed in a maximum-security vault where he will stay until the day he dies. However, a mysterious man dressed in black enters the police station. The Man in Black guns down several police officers (presumably including Sheriff Meeker), and when Jamie walks through the station, she sees that he has broken Michael out of his cell.

Sequel Edit

This film is followed by Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.