This article is about the 1978 film. For the Rob Zombie remake, see Halloween (2007 film).

Halloween is a 1978 film directed by John Carpenter.

Plot Edit

In 1963 on Halloween, 6-year old Michael Myers kills his older sister Judith, and is committed to Smith's Grove Asylum, where his psychiatrist is Dr. Sam Loomis.

After spending 8 years trying to reach Michael, and then realizing that he is pure evil and spending 7 years trying to keep him locked away, Dr. Loomis transfers Michael to be prosecuted and locked away for good, but he somehow manages to escape Smith's Grove and hijack one of their vehicles and drive toward Haddonfield.

The next day is Halloween. Michael stalks three girls named Laurie Strode, Annie Brackett, and Lynda van der Klok. That night, Laurie is babysitting Tommy Doyle and Annie is babysitting Lindsey Wallace. Dr. Loomis and Sheriff Leigh Brackett search for Michael. Michael kills Annie, Lynda, and Lynda's boyfriend Bob, before going after Laurie. She stabs him with a knitting needle, but he survives and attacks her. She stabs him in the eye with a coat hanger. He survives again, but Dr. Loomis enters the room and shoots Michael six times and he falls over the balcony.

When Dr. Loomis goes to check, he sees that Michael is gone.

Sequel Edit

Halloween was followed by Halloween II.