The man the myth himself, he was the man who in the first movie was transporting micheal Myers but micheal took over the car and ditched dr Sam loomis, So he went to the police in micheals hometown and tried to hunt him down and kill him.At the end of the first movie when micheal was about to kill his sister, laurie he came into the house after hearing screaming from people and he shot micheal Myers a total amount of six time and micheal fell from a two story building and while dr Sam was distracted speaking with Laurie micheal fled.And in the second movie he hunted him down to the hospital where Laurie was and in the end of the movie he shot micheal a few times and Gave a gun to laurie but he ran out of bullets in his own gun and he was stabbed by micheal a few time at the climax of the movie but Laurie shot micheal in the eyes so he could not see and was swiping blindley at dr Sam and Laurie and they played him games on micheal and when Laurie fled he used a lighter that he got from the sheriff earlier when the sheriff bummed a cigarette and dr Sam kepted the lighter and used it to create a explosion that was to kill micheal and himself, but micheal survived with burns on his hands and dr Sam loomis survived with burns on his face. He was also in Halloween the return of micheal, five and the curse of Michael and between the movies he shot micheal dozens of more times and had many heart to hearts with micheal and most of the times it ends with dr Sam loomis being stabbed and left to die but he always survived what micheal did.Sorry if some of this is inaccurate because I only watched the second and fifth on an amc Halloween movie marathon and I watched a Cenema sins episode of the first movie and the rest I did not watch because they were bull shit cash grabs and yeah thanks this was fun way to spendtwenty minutes so yeah thanks I just watched the movies in a few past days and yeah bye